#YearInReview What did you ship in 2010?

The Day After I posted my 6 month ‘update’ to my facebook notes, Seth Godin (my personal marketing guru and inspiration) posted to his blog asking ‘What did you ship in 2010?’

2010 has been very productive for me personally, though I have even MORE plans for 2011 (maybe getting to be a shipping addict, even though I turn down 9 out 10 ideas or opportunities that come my way).

Anyway , here is my list for the 2nd half of 2010:

  • Lost 7 kilos of weight (now one of the top 5 guys in my aerobics class, though I’m still not that strong physically and there is a huge gap in performance and stamina between myself and the top 2)
  • Went from version 3.4 to 3.5 to 3.6 to 4.0 of the power calculator
  • Went from superchargerperformance.com to horsepowercalculators.net (and thus went from 450 targeted users per month to 1700).
  • Wrote 21 articles for the new website
  • Went from a total of 31 registered users in 25 countries to 540 registered users in 36 countries
  • Went from an average income of $25 a month to $450 (approaching 4 digits is gonna be fun)
  • Went from only being able to swim three times a week (because my knee was killing me) to 6 high intensity workouts a week
  • Wrote a book on tuning and sold 36 copies of it
  • Became an apple fan boy and bought my first Mac (I never thought I’d actually do this)
  • Have been to the desert around Riyadh a couple of times and enjoyed it immensely
  • Turned down or walked away from 3 job leads
  • Hired my first assistant, paid for by revenues
  • Decided never to get emotionally charged about anything that I can avoid getting emotional about (if you ever catch me yelling, it’s because I REALLY care about the mistake I think you’re making right now or about to make) … so excuse my method, but understand my motive.
  • Cut sugars and fats from almost all of my beverages (hot or cold) – I can now drink plain black coffee … a miracle
  • Dropped down two cup-sizes (yes I almost have pec’s now instead of breasts… it was embarrassing)
  • Successfully destroyed 3 laptops (one of them huned from solid aluminum)… gotta give me credit for being a master of Chaos
  • Stopped talking about how bad Riyadh is to live in, to run a company from, or to have fun (just turned off that negative mindset)
  • Have found myself able to identify people who have a negative mindset (and view the world in a very horrible way) and feel bad for them :( … I hope you guys find a way out of that… the world does not hate you… lighten up
  • Decided that I would one day run a triathlon
  • (There are also about 5 different websites that I’ve created as personal favors for friends starting ventures / companies / projects that are on this list)…

There is still alot that I want to work on as far as my health, wealth and relationships go… but for 6 months… I don’t think that’s a bad list to look back on…

Thank you 2010… I’ll keep you guys updated for 2011

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