The perfect man

Oscar- the perfect man

The perfect man is a man who lives up to other people’s expectations of him.

By age 30 the perfect man has one or two degrees from college. Has been employed for 5 or more years at corporate. He holds a good position in his company as a middle manager. He has a wife and one or two young kids that look up to him. He spends 90% of his time at work keeping up this perfect life and the 10% outside of work he divides equally between sports, watching TV, maintaining his social obligations to friends, maintaining his social obligations to his wife’s family and extended family, hanging out with his kids, and having nice conversations with the neighbors.

The perfect man’s life is not in any way about himself. He is truly selfless. He lives for his wife, his kids, and his parents. He has sex to reproduce. He works to put food on the table. He reads because his boss handed him reading materials. He takes time off so he can feel good for work. He marries for family.

I on the other hand am a Haitham. A Haitham is a breed of vulture, and is a name not in anyway related to human beings. Furthermore the word Haitham is sexless. I couldn’t be a perfect man, I couldn’t be a perfect woman either.

I am an alternate being. I am an alien truly and wholly.

I believe in working for satisfaction.

I believe in reading for education and for thought exchange.

I believe in sex for pleasure.

I believe in marriage for bonding.

I believe in taking time off for taking time off’s sake.

I don’t believe in middle management because that in itself is an oximoron… a manager by definition manages, and cannot be managed.

I don’t believe in measuring people’s maturity by how many winters have passed by them, nor their resilience by how many zeros are in their bank account, nor their worth by the fictitious title bestowed upon them by the corporate lords, nor their social worth by their ability to take a leap into marriage just to trap a member of the opposite sex to make them look more ‘whole’.

You don’t have to believe in me. After all, most people don’t believe in Aliens.

As with any Alien race my objectives are seen as selfish invasive and destructive…

You can count on me to:

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Be a fan of technology
  • Be oblivious to social and cultural norms and see no reason to maintain them and no harm in breaking them for the sake of the progress of the Alien race
  • Try to destroy old constructs in order to assimilate new cultures and technology
  • Have inexplicable and independent energy sources including sources of personal energy, sources of creativity, sources of inspiration, sources of intelligence, sources of that thing you humans call money… all without having a ‘corporate overlord’
  • Have an affinity to colonise in a group of like minded Aliens and be content in my colony with no ‘need’ for marriage
  • Only attempt to reproduce for the continuation of my race… and at the moment that doesn’t seem to be necessary

The business I’m building online is just an Alien front. What do you think TerraFirms really means ? Terra=earth, Firms=companies… We are building a company on earth to colonize…

There you go, my evil plot unveiled.

This is not the first time company founders have referred to themselves as extra-human.

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