Starting to execute

My process: Dream – Research – Outline – Plan – Prioritize – Execute

The problem most people have is that they get lost, disheartened or tired before ‘execute’…and that last bit, is where all the proof is …

Try to think about your process and try to figure out where it breaks down, and that may help you get better results…

For example

If you’ve always wanted to get back into the gym but never seem to make it because¬†you always get stuck on prioritizing going to the gym over doing something else, or you get stuck researching the ‘perfect’ gym that you never end up picking one…

Here is where this begins to get on my nerves (when I see this pattern in other people and how it breaks down)

I hear a lot of people around always talking about a dream but never seeing any execution. The painful fact is as follows:

To get from point A to point B you need to move away from point A and gravitate towards point B. Sitting firmly at point A and planning and dreaming and contemplating and thinking and prioritizing and hedging risks and revisiting your concept and trying to find the perfect angle …etc

When all of that is done, unless some action is taken. You are still at point A!

‘ I want to get healthier, i want to start my own business, i want to quit smoking, i want to further my education, i want to learn a new language’

I hear this a lot, especially in the middle east, when it comes to start a business. Everyone wants to start a business and everyone is an expert on the market…

The first two or three times you bring it up around me I will most likely engage you, give you feedback, try to help you (or even correct you if you’re so blatantly setting yourself up for failure), and give you my perspective on things which *I* think is valuable, weather you listen to me or not.

The next two or three times you bring it up, I will engage you differently by trying to enable you. Knowing that your ‘dream’ or concept will probably change over time, I will more likely try to get you to mentally make that leap over the barriers that exists INSIDE you. There is a reason you’re stuck and not starting. Searching for the ‘perfect business’ or the ‘perfect angle’ to attack a market is more of an internal barrier that you impose (because you’re afraid to start) than one that exists in the market.

For example: If every gym in the city is not up to your standards that means that YOU have a problem, and that the gyms are fine. Get over your fear, get in the gym and start to execute.

(If you read an undertone of self criticism here then you are correct… on so many levels I was that person, who always talked about turbocharging his car but never did, always talked about starting a business but never did, always talked about losing weight but never did …etc)

However, I find that I am extremely lucky in that I have a little too much passion in me, these ideas simmer for a long time, but then, eventually, they DO boil over, and I get to action

  • I have turbocharged an engine from scratch, after 3 years of talking about it
  • I have started a business from scratch after about 5 years of reading about it and talking about it
  • I have lost in different times of my life over 160kgs of weight when things boil over and I get into a gym so even though I have problems maintaining my weight loss, I am somewhat of an expert ON weight loss when i choose to do it
  • I have written 3 books now after years of saying one day I will write a book

What I have not done yet is move out of Saudi Arabia, and that may be coming very soon as I’m starting to boil over. Yes I’ve been talking about it for going on 5 years now… and I *think* it’s about to happen soon.

What I realise though, is that most of those things didn’t need that waiting period and that I could have done them earlier…and as you get older, and you lose your direct control of your life, as you integrate your wife and kids and family into your core identity, as you become strapped for time, and as your decisions become truly social (influenced by your family, and directly affecting your family) the odds are that unless your family has the same process that you do:

My process: Dream – Research – Outline – Plan – Prioritize – Execute

Unless they have the same dream, the same plan and the same priorities that you do… the odds are that it is never going to happen. So, the longer you wait, the less chances you get to realize your dream.

Let me close by saying this:

Reflect on the worst part of your life today. The part that pains you. The part that you’re either ALWAYS complaining about, or the part that you hide so deep inside you that you NEVER want ANYONE to know this about you, and how bad it pains you, and how much you wanted it changed….

Take that process and lay it out…. how would you change it, what is the dream, what research have you done ( do you have the right information to make an educated decision already or not?), what is the outline of what you want to do , how do you plan to do so, what are the critical parts of this plan and what things may you compromise along the way and then what would the execution be like?

Where is it breaking down?

Try doing two things….

1- Either rationalize your way around that mental block by knowing that it is immensely important to start walking away from point A to get to point B… so execution overcomes the fear of the ‘apparent’ risk… and by knowing that the dream is worth while (that the reward of reaching point B outweighs the pains of the journey…

2- Make a leap of faith. If you’re reading this you are one of my friends or fans and that means that since you are in my circle that there is some attraction or commonality between us… and that means that you are probably an intelligent, educated, creative, hardworking, lighthearted individual (because those are the kinds of people i like to have around me and associate with)… and know that if you are that kind of person (intelligent and hardworking… compared to other people that are possibly not so wise yet hardworking or intelligent but feel entitled rather than obligated to work for what they want….) so if you are that kind of intelligent,creative, hardworking person, and this is truly your dream… then that leap of faith, will eventually pan out…

Not because you made the leap …. but because you have the inherent qualities that you will need to fix things and get back on track… on that path from A to B… if you were to get misdirected

Make the leap, and trust in YOURSELF … and start executing .

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