Website Development

Looking to update the look and feel of your website?

Why not build a ‘live’ website based on the world class wordpress content management system.

WordPress turns your static website into a living breathing active blog,

complete with:

1- Interesting and easily updateable posts

2- Allowing your readers to interact with your pages with comments and discussion.

3- Having a RSS feed for your website that your visitors can read in their newsreader or subscribe to so they can always be up to date.

and much more…


Social Media Integration

If you’d like to build upon your blog style website, integrating your website, and its RSS Feed with social networking sites like Facebook and twitter can give huge leverage to your existing site.

Here’s how:

1- Facebook and twitter are becoming international standards of social networking that focus primarily on the ease of sharing online content (video, audio, articles). Linking your Facebook and twitter account to your blogs RSS feed automatically distributes your content to your followers on those sites for them to enjoy, read, consume and share.

2- These social networking sites promote viral behaviour, where if you readers like your content, they can share it with their friends, who share it with their friends, who share it with their friends.

Having interesting content on social networking sites can easily drive many more prospects to your existing website, therefore giving grander exposure to your products and services, and increasing your brand equity with your market, and ultimately converting to more sales.

In short: Social Media Integration makes you part of the new online conversation. You want to be part of what your customers think and say about YOUR business. And if they’re talking about you, that means they are NOT talking about your competitors.

Stay ahead of the competition by owning your customers’ “Share of Mind” as Warren Buffet would put it.

social media

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a fancy way for saying the following:

We want to slightly tweak the content, page names, titles, and links to your website to make search engines like google, bing and yahoo search more likely to find and more importantly HIGHLY RANK your website for relevant search terms.

Ranking highly for search terms in your market place can lead to higher traffic from prospective clients who are already searching for a product, service or solution.

Being able to grab these leads (by having an optimized website that leads to a high ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs)) increases your exposure, your brand equity, and your sales.

An investment that pays back over time for sure.


Custom Applications

Need a custom application on you website ?

Maybe you need a price estimator for your visitors to quickly figure out ‘how much will this cost, with these options?’

Maybe you want to build an engaging game for your customers ?

Maybe you want to manage your reservations and bookings on-line ?

Let us know what you need and we can customize or build from scratch an application to match your needs.

We have extensive experience in many online programming languages, different databasing technologies, and other software solutions.

So we can build you an application to manage your data, give you higher intelligence reporting, interact with your visitors (to reduce the workload on your staff or ordering departments) and much more.

Let us know what you will need, we’ll let you know what can be done.

Market Research

Maybe you’re thinking of building a new website to promote a new product?

Maybe you’re thinking of extending your product line into a new market or new product range?

Maybe you’d like to promote a social cause but aren’t sure what they best search words or keywords are to target online for your Search Engine Optimization or advertising campaigns?

If you need online market research, including search volumes, traffic targeting (which countries and languages), most approachable keywords for faster ranking and faster results…etc

We do the research that enables you to go into your new campaign with a very clear idea of the market size, volume and demographics that you will face down the road. This hedges the risk out of your new campaigns, ultimately reducing your time to profitability and improving your results.

A great investment for new businesses or people looking for growth online and taking things to the ‘next level’


Rich Media & Professional Design Services

Teaming up with our partners at ViewPlus | Media we are able to offer our customers top notch visual media for successful
marketing on today’s social media-friendly Internet.

ViewPlus offers the most attractive content (Photos, Videos & 360* Virtual tours of your premises) to fill your webspace and entice your customers.

ViewPlus also offers branding and corporate imaging services which assure the attractiveness, appropriation, and consistency of your branding, logos, and image throughout all your online and offline media.

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