I wonder

I wonder what happens when all my dreams come true. Do I stop working towards them, or do I start a new!

I wonder what people do, when tough times become true. Do they pick up and leave, or do they forge on through ?

I wonder why when I had a job, I worked so little and made alot.

I wonder why, I work so hard now, yet my faith in myself is all I’ve got.

The question that comes every day … is this more good money after bad ? That would be utterly sad ? Or am I so close I can almost taste it, I’ve come too far now, so why erase it ?

These limiting thoughts, they get in the way. They busy your brain and drive you a stray.

A moment of silence is all that’s required and some visualization technique is highly desired.

To shift the focus from why and how… from the what is now to what it’s about.

It’s about living a wonderful life, where you wonder, and work, and build and grow.

I think that, if I stopped wondering, I would be dead. And I’d be afraid of the silence within my head.

To swim upstream and against the current.

Bring your strength and bring your courage.

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