A different take on success

Success is often thought of as the result of a series of ‘successful’ decisions. A successive series of doing the right thing and avoid the caveats.

But maybe there’s a different way to think about success and that is to look at execution rather than perfection. This isn’t a novel theme of mine by any means, but it is something that is meaningful to me at this moment in time.

The region that I live in is going through a lot of evolution and revolution, at the same time, looking at the news paper today I saw at least 3 different situations in which government bodies of certain countries have abstained from making a decision.

In fast paced times, success is merely making a decision (be it the right decision or the wrong one) for as we live in a connected, fast paced, transparent, digital world…it is very easy to gather enough information to back up or refute our decisions shortly after making them.

If you had that kind of power, to alter the future, then measure it, then realize that you were either truly on-track with that decision or so far off base that you’ve made things worse… then why would you ‘stall at all’

Success in my opinion is the courage to make a decision while knowing that you can never be 100% sure that it was right.

Success in my opinion is the foresight to put in place the systems to tell gather information and let you know weather your decision was right or not (after making it, while not holding everything stagnant).

Success in my opinion is the courage to reverse a decision once it has been proven wrong, or to double down on it with even more conviction if the evidence proves in favor.

Waiting around forever while your employees, your family members, or your citizens are boiling over with frustration, and delaying decision making until you are fairly sure you are right is the best way to let things boil over. Sometimes things boil over and get out of hand. Sometimes the price of boiling over is very high. Success is not about making successful decisions. Success is simply making decision to keep the ball rolling. When the ball is in play, you stand a chance to score. Being afraid of getting scored on, and keeping the ball stagnant will piss off your team mates, your referee and the spectators.

Evaluate your options.

Take a decision.

Measure your outcomes.

Evaluate your position.

Correct accordingly.

All successful people know this. In entrepreneurship we call it iterating on your product, business model or strategy. There is nothing that prevents us from iterating, measuring, and correcting other aspects of our life.

Life is built on decisions. Embrace it.

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